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Unique Recruitment Solutions for Each Client

Our team is focused on building partnerships to customize the very best talent solutions.

Past & Present Clients

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Helping you scale your business is our passion

“I cannot express how impressed I am with Vacaré, they have assisted SparkCharge in recruiting top-notch talent. From the very beginning, it was clear that Vacaré was different from the rest. Their team took the time to thoroughly understand our company’s culture, values, and specific requirements for the open positions we needed to fill. This personalized approach set the foundation for a successful partnership. I recommend Vacaré to every entrepreneur I know looking to grow their business to help them find the right candidates for any role.

Josh Aviv

Founder & CEO, SparkCharge

“Nancy is a terrific recruiter and a true professional. She has an intuitive ability to assess the core traits of a pool of candidates against the open role, to help whittle it down to the best options and speed up the hiring process. Nancy takes joint ownership of filling an opening, and never makes it feel like “your problem” that she’s just sporadically throwing some time at. I would welcome the chance to work with her again!”

Jim Freeley

Director, Regional Marketing, Pegasystems

“Nancy worked with us as a recruiter first under contract through an outside company. Her performance was outstanding, and I found a way to hire her full-time. Nancy was an invaluable member of our team. She learned our product and key messaging quickly, she understood our hiring needs across a range of job profiles, and she conveyed the energy and enthusiasm critical to exciting candidates about new opportunities.

Nancy successfully grew our team across engineering, marketing, sales, and professional services. She’s organized, efficient, and brings the tireless work ethic needed to be a successful recruiter. I look forward to working with her again!”

Todd Christy

Managing Director - Technology, Slalom Consulting

“Vacaré Group operates differently than commission-based recruiting agencies. In my experience, that’s a good thing! They provided advice and consulting as if they were members of the team, and I felt that were fully aligned on finding the right candidate, not just the first one that meets the minimum criteria to get hired and move on. They also helped develop an interview process tailored to each role we were hiring for – helpful when you’re a smaller start-up that doesn’t quite know how to evaluate candidates, especially for roles you’ve never hired for before. Every member of the Vacaré Group that I’ve interacted with has been highly professional and easy to work with. They understand where we are coming from as a start-up.”
Alan Pezeshki

CTO, Phase Two Chemicals Inc.

“Nancy and her team have done a great job of supporting our talent needs at Interactions. Nancy’s professionalism and years of recruiting experience allows her to jump right in and recruit for any role, from technical to executive. Thanks Nancy & team!!!”

Brigida Oskirko

Director, Talent Acquisition at Interactions

“Nancy is an exceptional Recruiting Manager who is a pleasure to work with! She is very engaging and has a great sense of humor which puts candidates and coworkers at ease. She is disciplined and has great time management skills enabling her to devote more time to proactively resourcing candidates. She is adept at managing the entire recruitment life cycle and setting up recruitment plans and processes.

Nancy is one of those people that makes working in a pressure-cooker environment look easy, and who can use humor and teamwork to make a tough workplace much more enjoyable. I truly enjoyed working with her and hope to have the chance to be on her team again in the future! ”

Jen Miller

VP of People

“Nancy is a superstar recruiter! She listens well to what hiring managers need and gets involved enough to understand the environment. She makes even most particular managers feel that they are her only clients. Nancy knows how to sell the company and the opportunity. Her fill rate and time to hire are amongst the best I’ve encountered. I highly recommend Nancy as a recruiter.”

Joyce Jardin

Secretary/Treasurer, Northpointe Water Association

“I recently had the opportunity to work with the Vacaré Group and my experience was a great one. Nancy, Kelli, and Alexandra asked questions and took the time to understand our recruiting process and the role we were looking to fill. They then adapted and it felt like they were part of the internal team. They communicated with my team very well throughout the process and we were so happy that they helped us fill the role within our time to fill expectations.”
Jedida Bazin

Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist, ConnectDER

“The Vacare Group was able to provide us with top tier candidates who met our requirements and have helped us fill multiple open requisitions”

Stephen Barlett

President at UrsaNav

“I have worked with Vacare at 3 different companies over the last 5 years. They do a great job of sourcing candidates for us, even in a really tight job market.”

Jeff Walker

VP of People